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Why Encompass Search Partners?

Encompass Search Partners is a full-service, direct-hire recruitment firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. With over 30 combined years of recruitment expertise, our clients and candidates are our focus. It is more than just filling a position; it is about building longstanding relationships by helping businesses grow and candidates move forward in their careers.

At Encompass Search Partners we do not consider ourselves experts in any particular vertical; but instead, we are a team of experienced recruiters who have learned the craft of listening to our candidates and clients and staying on top of innovation and technology.  We also highlight the best of the best professional, technical, and C-level executive talent across the U. S.

Encompass Search Partners serve organizations across all industry sectors through our brands: Quest Compass Recruitment Solutions and Crypto Compass Recruitment.


As industries are constantly evolving, so are we. Our entrepreneurial culture and our core values continue to guide us to provide customized solutions to our partners, and professional learning and growth opportunities for each of our employees.

Whether you’re looking for a consultant to provide expert guidance on an existing project or seeking a complete managed outcome on a transformational initiative, we’re here with solutions that support your business and vision—no matter the size.

  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

  • Energy, Oil & Gas, Engineering

  • Technology & IT Solutions

  • Architecture

  • Human Resources

  • Healthcare



Our high-touch approach to recruitment means we're with you every step of the way, whether you're seeking your dream job, or you're looking to make a critical full-time or freelance hire. Our creative & marketing recruitment experts know what it takes to make a talent match.

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  • Employers Looking To Hire

    When it comes to staffing and recruiting talent, time is of the essence. That’s why our team moves quickly to find you the best digital talent in cryptocurrency, energy, engineering, and any of the industries we serve. We have the connection and experience to find the right candidate for your firm.

    Let us know about your current or upcoming hiring needs.

  • Job Seekers

    Are you looking for your next career adventure? Talentfoot helps you make the right career moves at the right time.

    Submit your resume and contact information for new opportunities.

  • Experienced Recruiters

    We believe only an expert can provide the best business solutions for you. That’s why our team works to understand the intricacies, challenges and pain points that drive your industry. With over 30 years of proven expertise supporting a number of industries, we’ll do what it takes to help you gain a competitive edge.

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